Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya Nairobi Bomas meaning homesteads is the ideal place to visit in order to get a feel of how indigenous Kenyans lived before colonization.  The Bomas of Kenya displays a variety of villages constructed using traditional architecture as was originally built by our ancestors.

These homesteads that belong to the several Kenyan tribes display the wonderful diversities of cultures that make up Kenya.  In a bid to preserve, maintain and promote Kenya’s rich cultural values Bomas of Kenya daily presents over 30 traditional dances from different tribes of Kenya.

Visitors at Bomas of Kenya will have the opportunity of seeing a colorful cross- section of the Luhya dancing to the beat of Isukuti drums, ladies shaking their waists in tune with the kayamba, athletic Kamba men contort their bodies with their intriguing acrobatics and strong Maasai warriors leap skywards in their war dance.

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