Nairobi Safari Walk

The Nairobi Safari Walk is an educational outreach program associated with Nairobi National Park.

nairobi safari walk, nairobi animal orphanagePreviously, it was known as the Animal orphanage but after a make over, the newly improved wildlife center is now known as the Nairobi safari Walk.  It provides a higher standard of wildlife conservation.  It does away with cages that formerly existed and simulates a showpiece of Kenya’s wetlands, savanna and forest ecosystems.

Come and have a look at carefully selected indigenous plants and animals that are threatened or locally extinct. 

With Mission Tour and Travel as your guide, get to experience Kenya’s rich wildlife, develop respect for it and get introduced to biodiversity conservation.

Be sure to bring your children too.  The Safari Walk has a children’s corner where children can play animals.  They can burrow through an artificial termite mound, roll along a larger than life dung beetle climb weaver bird nests and spider webs roll.


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