The Giraffe Center

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This centre is set in 120 acres of primeval forest only 8 miles from Nairobi.  It is the home to the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, devoted to the preservation of the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffe.  You will have the rare treat of hand feeding these gentle giants facing them eye-to-eye from an elevated viewing platform.

Giraffe Centre is situated on both the edge of the Nairobi National Park and the edge of the residential area known as Karen.  Founded in 1972 by the Leslie-Melville’s, the Giraffee Center is a sanctuary for the endangered Rothschild giraffe which had lost its natural environment to agriculture.

The Giraffe Centre is a breeding and education site for all who want to learn about giraffes.  The Center has specially designed wooden platforms mean guests will find themselves eye to eye with members of the resident herds.

On arrival at the center, everyone is given a chance to hand feed the giraffes. Do not be alarmed nor imagine that the giraffes could bite you.  They are gentle and will not bite the treats with their teeth but with a long almost ticklish tongue, they will take and eat the treat. Come and learn all about giraffes and their conservation.  Let Mission Tour and Travel take you through a nature trail in the surrounding dry upland forest that explores typical giraffe habitat.





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