Samburu Game Reserve

Kenya Safaris to Samburu National Reserve
Duration:  2 ½ days

Departs:  7.30am

Samburu National Reserve is situated on the banks of the Uwaso Nyiro River in the dry northern reaches of Kenya. It is a hot and arid area characterized by a parched landscape of hills and plains.
The presence of the river and its shady trees attracts plenty of wildlife such as giraffes, buffaloes, waterbucks, elephants and zebras (including the endangered Grevy's zebra) from the surrounding savannah plains trek to the water.  Lion, leopard and cheetah are also quite easy to spot mainly because there isn’t much grass cover in the reserve.

Be on the look out for Gerenuks.  These odd, yet distinguished looking gazelles have long necks and feed at higher reaches than other gazelles and most antelopes. They stand erect on their hind legs, with their long necks extended, to browse on tall bushes.

Mission Tour and Travel will transport you to Samburu, a place of timeless landscape and wildlife beauty.  Get to enjoy your safari.  Sample the mouth watering cuisine, experience the culture and enjoy the wildlife at this sun kissed paradise.

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Day 1:  Depart from Nairobi.
The tour drive heads north passing through Thika district, a prime pineapple growing region in Kenya and an industrial town.  Thika is also known for the jacaranda trees that are found along the road.  Cross the Tana River, pass through the Equator and view the beautiful slopes of Mt. Kenya.  Stop at Samburu National Reserve just in time for lunch.  Experience a memorable afternoon game drive.  Dinner and overnight at the lodge or camp.

Day 2:
Two game drives at the magnificent Samburu National Reserve. Afternoon is leisure time beside the lodge’s swimming pool.  Meals and overnight at the lodge/camp.

Day 3:
Early morning game drive. Drive back to Nairobi after breakfast and arrive in the afternoon.



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